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October 27-28th

HACK the future of drone technology!

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About PolyHACK

Are you excited about drones and what they offer for the future of technology? Grab a team and find a problem where drones offer a solution!

PolyHACK 2018 is a two-day hackathon organised by TELEJOB, hosted at ETH Zürich with partners from industry.

Dream of a future made better by drone technologies and apply now through the registration form.

Free entry

Free food and drinks

Lots of prizes

Exciting challenges

Bird’s eye view

Embarking image acquisition devices, drones give an unique point of view to understand large scale phenomena (fire progression, crowd motion) or detect specific target (stranded people after storms)

The flying postman

Small, flexible and available around the clock: drones are ideal postmen that can reach quickly everyone around the globe.

Swarm of drones

By coordinating their actions, drones can pool resources and reach astonishing performances: lifting heavy weights, creating visual art performances, …

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Keynote speakers from the industry

Mrs Stephanie Lambert

Mr Adrien Briod

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