Terms and conditions of PolyHACK 2021


Participants in PolyHack 2021 are required to accept the Terms and Conditions governing the contest which is set forth below.



I intend to participate in PolyHack 2021 and understand that my participation is voluntary. The term “Participant” as used in this Terms and Conditions shall refer only to the individual accepting the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Legal Status and Participant Responsibility and Liability

a. PolyHack 2021 is an extracurricular program and participation is voluntary. 

b. The PolyHack 2021 Administration is comprised of Telejob and NEO Network.

c. The PolyHack 2021 Administration does not provide insurance coverage for participants in the PolyHack 2021 if a participant is personally injured or if damage occurs to personal property during participation in the competition. Participants are not entitled to Workers Compensation benefits, or any other benefit available to employees of the PolyHack 2021 Administration.

d. There is no legal guarantee that a team will be selected as a finalist or win the competition.

e. A Participant shall be personally responsible for the payments of all expenses and costs that may be incurred as a result of her / his participation in PolyHack 2021. Furthermore, no expenses or costs, including but not limited to access to the internet, access to hardware or software, time, travel, lodging, and food, incurred by a Participant will be paid by or reimbursed by the PolyHack 2021 Administration.

f. The PolyHack 2021 Administration shall have no obligation, express or implied, to supervise, monitor, review, or otherwise assume responsibility for the work of any Participant in PolyHack 2021, and shall have no liability whatsoever to any Participant or any third parties for or on account of any injury, loss, or damage, of any kind or nature, sustained by, or any damage assessed or asserted against, or any other liability incurred by or imposed upon a Participant or any other person or entity, arising out of or in connection with or resulting from PolyHack 2021.

2. Privacy

a. Personal information will be collected when a Participant registers for PolyHack 2021. Registration requires a Participant to provide valid name, email address, date of birth, and any other information deemed necessary to prove age and residency. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, a Participant grants permission and consent for the PolyHack 2021 Administration to use their name, photographic and video footage, hometown and biography for any media displayed on any of telejob.ch, polyhack.ch, eth-gethired.ch or neonetwork.ch websites, in promotional material, and in any publicity accompanying or resulting from the PolyHack 2021 including but not limited to any press articles, blogs or articles on social media pages;

b. The information submitted by a Participant will be used to confirm eligibility, evaluate the application, and administer awards/prizes. This information will be disclosed to the PolyHack 2021 Administration and judges for purposes of evaluation and selection.

c. Once registered, Participants may receive periodic communications regarding important deadlines and information. Participants will have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving this additional information.

d. Information collected will not be sold, rented, or provided to anyone for commercial or marketing purposes.

e. Personal information received in connection with PolyHack 2021 may be released as required by subpoena, law, or a court of competent jurisdiction. Personal information may also be disclosed as provided herein and in the event that a Participant’s safety or security is at risk or in order to protect the integrity and security of the PolyHack 2021 website.

f. The PolyHack 2021 Administration reserves the right to modify the privacy policy described herein at any time without prior notification to users and registrants. A notice will be posted on the website should significant policy changes take effect.

3. Competition Guidelines

a. Participant competition material submitted for PolyHack 2021 must comply with the provisions of this Agreement regarding the use of the intellectual property and privacy applicable to PolyHack 2021.  The PolyHack 2021 Administration may refuse entry to any participant at its sole discretion.

b. Participant competition material submitted for PolyHack 2021 must not contain any pornographic, illicit, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate content, as determined by PolyHack 2021 administration in its sole discretion.

c. Participant competition material submitted for PolyHack 2021 must not include any copyrighted materials.

4. Intellectual Property and Privacy Policies

a. All rights in inventions, copyrightable material, and other information or properties created by the Participant in PolyHack 2021 (collectively, “Intellectual Property”) shall remain in the inventor, creator, or original owner of the same in accordance with applicable laws then in effect.

b. All sponsoring companies shall be granted the right to exploit such intellectual property as part of their business activities at no cost. 

c. Participants must ensure that any intellectual property owned by others and used in their Participant competition material has been approved for use by the owner of the copyright and appropriately attributed.

d. The Participant competition material shall be considered the property of PolyHack 2021 upon submission and the PolyHack 2021 Administration shall have no obligation to return any materials to applicants.

5. Judging rules

Public voting will not be considered by the PolyHack 2021 Administration in its determination of the winner. The determination of winners will be carried out by the PolyHack 2021 Administration at its sole discretion.


6. Prize Award

a. As a Participant competing in PolyHack 2021, you will be awarded by the PolyHack 2021 Administration at its sole discretion.

b. Participants shall be responsible for the tax consequences of any prizes that may be awarded to them, if applicable.

c. The PolyHack 2021 Administration accepts no liability for any disagreement among members of the winning team on how prizes should be distributed amongst the team or on the development of the winning entry.

7. Entire Agreement  

This Agreement to the Terms and Conditions constitutes the entire understanding between the Participant and PolyHack 2021 Administration relating to PolyHack 2021 and supersedes and replaces all prior agreements, understandings, writings, and discussions. This Agreement may not be modified except by a written agreement executed by the PolyHack 2021 Administration and the undersigned Participant.

8. Execution: Legally Binding Agreement

By accepting the Terms and Conditions the Participant hereby acknowledges: I have read and understood these Terms and Conditions, and I agree that in consideration of my participation in PolyHack 2021, I do hereby release discharge, and covenant not to sue any party associated with the PolyHack 2021 Administration, their trustees, officers, employees or agents, for any liability, claim, and/or cause of action arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me that occurs as a result of my participation in PolyHack 2021. I hereby further agree that my acceptance of these Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Swiss Confederation.
I acknowledge the above by ticking the Terms and Conditions for PolyHack 2021